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“Eighty years after legendary hero and present-day king Gilgamesh stormed the Tower of Druaga and slew its eponymous demon overlord, opportunists from across the world still flock to the reconstituted Tower to try their luck plundering its untold riches. Legend has it that the greatest treasure of them all, the Blue Crystal Rod, lies on the top floor guarded by the supposedly slain Druaga himself. Inexperienced adventurer Jil, fresh off his bitterly humiliating stint in his brother Neeba's exploratory party, is determined to get to the top floor and put Druaga down. He soon attracts a small party of like-minded iconoclasts and, during a lull in demon activity known as the Summer of Anu, makes his bid for the top floor. Unluckily for him the competition—including, but not limited to his brother—is good and he, unfortunately, is not. At least, not yet.”

DVD-region: 2 (Europa – engelsk import)
Bildformat:  16:9 Widescreen
Ljud: Dolby Digital 
Språk: japanska 2.0. engelska 5.1
Text: endast engelska
Total tid: 600 min, 24 avsnitt
Rekommenderad ålder: 12+

Bonusmaterial: Alternativ version av avsnitt 1 – "The quest of Jil", Avsnitt 5 & 18 med kommentarer.
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