En film av mästerregissören Mamoru Hosoda! 

” Fantasy anime feature about a teenage boy who moves to Nagano with his crush, in order to fool her 90-year-old grandmother into thinking that she is engaged. Kenji (voice of Ryunosuke Kamiki) is a shy eleventh-grade student when he is asked by the confident, older pupil Natsuki (voice of Nanami Sakuraba) to take a summer job at her home. Upon arriving, he is shocked to learn that the 'job' requires him to pose as Natsuki's fiance.

Their 'romance' is interrupted, however, when Kenji receives a mysterious text message containing a mathematical problem. Being a maths whizzkid, Kenji can't resist solving it, but he soon realises disaster has struck - he has caused the seizure of a huge social networking site that is used by most of the world's businesses and services. It is now up to Kenji and his newly acquired family to put things right.”


Blu-ray region: B-Europa – engelsk import
Bildformat: 16:9 anamorphic widescreen
Ljud: Dolby Digital 2.0/5.1
Språk: japanska, engelska
Text: engelska

Total tid: ca 109 min

Bonusmaterial: intervju med regissören, intervjuer med rösskådespelare, trailer, m.m. ca 59 min

Rekommenderad ålder: +12 år

149 SEK