Första Berserk-animeserien från 90-talet!

“Set during a time that very much resembles Europe during the Middle Ages, BESERK is a story of revenge set in the castle town of Midland. Recently, the town has seen the rise of a wicked king, who uses demonic minions to control and victimise his subjects. However, when a lone soldier enters the town calling himself the Black Swordsman and armed to the teeth, many sense that the king's days of unchecked oppression are over. Soon, the Black Swordsman is plying his trade by hunting down the king's evil servants, giving no quarter, and preparing to exact his vengeance on the king. Features the complete series.” 

DVD-region: 2 (Europa – engelsk import)
Bildformat: 4:3 – 1.33:1  
Ljud: Dolby Digital 2.0
Språk: japanska, engelska  
Text: endast engelska

Total tid: 625 min, 25 avsnitt

Extramaterial: Intevju med mangaskaparen Kentaro Miura och animeproducenten Toshio Nakatani, storyboards, produktionsskisser, m.m.

389 SEK