“During Tokugawa Ieyasu's epic battle of Sekigahara, two samurai face off outside of history. In the heat of the duel between Kyoshiro and Demon Eyes Kyo, a shooting star slams into the plains, shattering the ground and engulfing both of them. 

Four years later, the bounty hunter Yuya finds the good natured Kyoshiro, now a traveling medicine man. Hidden deep inside Kyoshiro is the soul of his old opponent, the merciless samurai Kyo. When Yuya and Kyoshiro are thrown into battle, the medicine man's friendly personality will recede, and the whole world will learn why Kyo is called a demon! 


DVD-region: 2 (Europa – engelsk import)
Bildformat: 16:9 Anamorphic widescreen

Ljud: Dolby Digital 2.0
Språk: japanska, engelska  
Text: endast engelska 

Total tid: 650 min

Bonusmaterial: Intervjuer, sånger utan text,  m.m. …

Rekommenderad ålder: 12+

389 SEK